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Welcome to deviousSUGGESTIONS!

The main focus of this group is to act as a Sub-Gallery. Here you can actually find legit suggestions as opposed to browsing through the actual subgallery on deviantART.

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Feel free to note the group with any questions! :happybounce:

A Round Up of Suggestions 2

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 8, 2013, 7:45 PM
What is this madness?

Time for round two of gathering suggestions from the weekly site update! Come read the most recent one here.

Be sure to watch hq to see the future site updates! And take the time to at least glance through the suggestions given in the comments. There's some real jewels in there.

I won't be doing this for every update, but I may do it again sometime in the future when I have another break of time to do it.

Group Suggestions

  • The ability to organize group affiliates. -Suggested by KinnoHitsuji
  • "Let us watch only certain folders of a group." -Suggested by artvelocity
User Page Suggestions

  • The ability to pay for premium features individually, rather then the whole package. For example, if you only want journal skins you only pay for journal skins. -suggested by Xonen
  • The ability to have sticky journals. -Suggested by Kurama-chan Suggestions

  • "Allow Writer deviations to have preview images." -Suggested by SkywardEyes
Muro Suggestions

  • None this time.
General Suggestions

  • The ability to delete multiple deviations at once. -Suggested by Igneous-Dragon, EpiphanyMedia
  • "Once again I must suggest a choice to set the HTML tag "wmode" to "direct" when posting Flash deviations with Adobe Flash Player 11 features. Without that, any Flash deviation that make use of these features will load but *not* play. My suggestion is to offer a choice to choose the HTML "wmode" to allow those Flash contents to work properly." -Suggested by ken1171
  • The ability to search favorites and notes. -Suggested by multiple deviants.
Gallery and Favorite Suggestions

  • None this time.
Deviation and Submission Suggestions

  • "Expand the use of the PDF Viewer to ALL PDF files- not just the ones under 20MB." -Suggested by mdbruffy
  • The ability to schedule submissions farther into the future. -Suggested by Mat-the-Legend
  • Get rid of the "Your submission was successful" message after a submission goes through. -Suggested by TheArgoNinja
  • Give us the ability to choose more specific times when scheduling  submissions such as 1:30 or 1:45. -Suggested by TopHat-Queen
  • "In the same idea as multi-submit, I think a great feature that many comickers would like is the ability of a multi-page submit, so a single picture can become a series of pictures within the same deviation." -suggested by Oseike
  • The ability to submit to all groups we're a member of during the submission process, rather than just the ones we're an administrator of. -Suggested by Kariotic
  • Switch the location of "More Like This" and "More from this Artist" to give more prominence to the creator of the piece of art being looked at. -Suggested by Fluna
  • With multi-submit, the ability to click a button to have the same description, keywords, category, etc. appear across all the deviations. -Suggested by in-my-viewfinder
  • The ability to click on the category example deviations so they can be favorited, viewed, etc. -Suggested by LilDeadKitty
  • The ability to control which share buttons show up on our deviations. For example, allow tumblr but not twitter or facebook. -Suggested by MrRobotov
Messaging Suggestions

  • "Could we have a feature where we can delete all of our notes?"-Suggested by owlity 
  • Separate favorites and comments in the splintered version of the message counter. -Suggested by Chronomorphosis
  • Prevent duplicate notifications in the message center when the same thing is submitted through multiple areas such as by the deviant themselves as well as a group. -Suggested by JustBecause62
Browsing Suggestions

  • The ability to blacklist certain categories and keywords so they never show up. -Suggested by multiple deviants.
  • Eliminate indentations in literature thumbnails. -Suggested by LucasCAPS
In Conclusion

See something you really like in here? Bring it up again in the next site updates from hq

Thanks for taking the time to read these suggestions guys. And thanks to guitarcraze for this awesome skin.

Please note, just because they're in this journal doesn't mean they're going to be implemented! This journal is just a way to bring all the ideas brought up in the comments of the latest hq update into one place.

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This group's goal is to collect as many deviantART Related / deviantART Suggestions as possible and put them into one group. Hopefully then, deviantART will be able to implement as many of them as possible.

Any ideas as to how we can improve our group?
Please let us know by sending us a note. :)






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Mavelle-Ealenyr Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is this group dead? My submissions keep expiring and no updates appear in my inbox.
I noticed when I was perusing, that I occationally paused and examined a deviation.  For instance, this one: oddawajmojekredkixd.deviantart…, caused me to feel sadness because I've met this cat elsewhere in the world but I had no appropriate upbeat comment for the artist. I looked at her page and did not see other deviations that cause me to pause, however, I did notice that one.

Since I do not submit deviations I do not know if your site provides view/time on view feedback to the artists herein. If it does, this suggestion is moot.  However, I would like a button or a vote that says something like "I paused and looked at this."  Considering the volume of detritus that must be passed over to find something that interests any particular person, this would show the artist that something they had done had sparked someone somewhere. 

Artists grow from the inside and self-criticism and are tempered from the outside by the consideration of attention of others.  An "I paused and looked here" button might give some salve to the wounds self-criticism leaves. 

Thank you for your time.

ps:  I posted this in another group that came up in the search under "suggestion" without an 's' at the end.  hopefully staffers will not see this twice. 
AwkwardLoser Nov 18, 2013  Student General Artist
No thanks.
I have no idea what that means.  I'm not selling a product or offering it to you.  I am asking staff to look at/create a function.  If you do not agree with the idea, you should say that and/or say why.  This looks like you replied to the wrong post. 
AwkwardLoser Nov 18, 2013  Student General Artist
No, I replied to the idea.
I meant 'no thanks' as in 'No thanks, I don't like that idea'
I didn't feel like elaborating. 
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